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5 Crystals to Use this Thanksgiving to Help Manage the Energy

Using Crystals on Thanksgiving

Oh, Thanksgiving how I love you! I love the food the festivities, the gratitude, the time with family, the days off, the fall vibes, I just love everything about Thanksgiving… well almost everything. The one thing I really don’t like about Thanksgiving – the shitty energy that my family and friends bring into my house when they come to visit.

I love all my family and friends dearly, but sometimes I really don’t like their energy. As someone who is as sensitive as can be – I feel their anxiety, their stresses about the holidays, anything they have picked up from being out and about and shopping, their guilt about eating too much, the spirits that follow them home and don’t stop talking…. all of that can really make my house uncomfortable and unbalanced. Which can lead to fighting, piety conflicts, extra stress, “moody” family members, snide remarks, upset children, and just general unhappiness.

When your house is filled with these crappy feelings not only will sensitive people be affected, but I have noticed how non-sensitive people and pets are affected by it as well. My dogs – will act a fool if the energy gets too heavy and my partner will be at an elevated level as well until I take some the time to correct the energy muck in my house.

When it comes to energy it is better to be proactive than reactive. I would much rather take some time to prepare my home in advance than trying to fix the situation later. Think of it like this: I would MUCH rather have a plastic bag ready and hand it to someone who is about to be stick to their stomach then to wait and clean up the mess afterward…

With that beautiful visual in mind and Thanksgiving just a few days away, I wanted to put together my list of the top 5 crystals that you can use to help handle the energy this Thanksgiving.

I first want to make it clear…

that sometimes good people have shitty energy. Especially around the Holidays. This doesn’t make them bad in any way, they just collected some crap – and that is life. I always have protection around my house but when 8 people come rushing in to celebrate – my standard protection needs some help. If you plan on doing any drinking at your holiday gathering the energy can get ramped up really fast so you definitely need to do some extra protecting beforehand.

Using any one of these crystals or a combo of them all will help you so much this Thanksgiving – trust me! The closer you can put these crystals to the family gathering space the better. I have been known to include them in my table centerpiece (they look so festive) but you can place them around the house anywhere you like or hide them in places your guest won’t see them – just stash them anywhere you can! Putting at least one powerful crystal in your kitchen is a must since this is where most of the Thanksgiving activities will be going down. I also like to put one crystal in my guest bathroom to help manage the energy – people always seem to blow off stress in the bathroom lol. If any guests are sleeping over, I put a few gentle crystals in their room as well – to help them as much as me.

Energy management is all about being proactive and best to set up in advance so you don’t have to worry while you are trying to have a nice time. If you set up your crystals the night before it will all be done and you can sit back and enjoy your holiday, eat your face off, and not have to worry about the energy around you.

So let’s jump in – here are my 5 crystals to help you manage the energy this Thanksgiving.


This wonderful purple to green crystal helps remove stress and negative energy. It also helps clear confusion and returns things to order. It helps you overcome any disorganization and brings stability to groups. Flourite helps people move beyond narrow-mindedness and illusions.

Black Tourmaline

This is such a powerful crystal it cleans negative energy and brings balance to your space. It helps dissolve electromagnetic fields and transforms dense energy. Black tourmaline helps balance and connect the charkas and helps with understanding. It also transforms negative thoughts into positive ones.

Blue Kyanite

Instills compassion and brings around spiritual maturity. What I love most about it is it instantly realigns the chakras and Qi of everyone. Kyanite helps cut through fears and blockages and anger or frustration.

Smokey Quartz

Is a go to during the Holidays it helps with security and patience. It is one of the most effective crystals for grounding and anchoring, wonderful against stress and helps with detoxification on all levels. It also helps bring in positive vibrations emotional calmness.

Clear Quartz

Is a wonderful energy amplifier, it will take on and magnify the energy you infuse it with. Clear quartz also naturally conforms to the energy that is needed in the group, it cleanses and enhances while raising the energy.

How To Use Your Crystals for Thanksgiving:

This one is so simple! The day before Thanksgiving just simply infuse them with your intention. You do this anyway you want but here is how I do it:

Light a candle and some sage.

Clear your mind and get into a gentle meditative state.

Pass each crystal through the sage, asking that your crystal be clear and balanced.

Now connect to the feeling of how you want your Thanksgiving to go. Focus on your friends and family having a great time, laughing, being happy and feeling at ease – connect to how this would feel and how happy your holiday would be if this is how it went. Really tap into this feeling,

Now hold each crystal one at a time up to your heart and push this amazing feeling from your soul to your crystal.

Once you are done infusing each crystal, line them all up in front of you and hold your hands out- send your crystals love and thanks for what they will be doing for you. Ask them to help you protect your home, tell them to take any unsettled energy and remove it, ask them to protect your home and not let any bullshit in. Ask them to fill everyone in your home with love and understanding and remove any unbalance.

Now your crystals are ready to be used! Place them wherever you would like for the big day.

Once the festivities are over and you have had an amazing Thanksgiving it is time to release and recharge your crystals. To do this:

Light a candle and some sage.

Clear your mind and get into a gentle meditative state.

Lay out your crystals in front of you and hold your hands out on top of them – send them love and thanks for all they did. Thank them for all the energy they managed, for helping you and your family, and for keeping peace and balance on Thanksgiving.

Run each crystal through your sage and ask that it be returned to balance and be clear of any energy it absorbed.

You can also leave them in the moonlight overnight to help them return to their natural state.

Co – Co – Co – Combo – We Mystic Mages love simple magic but we also have a huge respect for more traditional and ceremonial magic. If this is your style go for it! You can amp up this spell by: Calling the corners to open your space, asking angels and spirits to infuse your crystals, using light blue candles, using a pine or basil anointing oil on your candles, doing this spell on a Monday, or using lavender and sage incense. Do anything that feels right to you!

That is it – a super simple way to keep your home protected from outside energy this Thanksgiving. Remember you can go as big or as small you want. You can deck your home out in crystals or you can charge one tiny clear quartz and put it in your pocket. Don’t let your supplies or situation stop you from doing this. If you are in a tight spot – you can just do 4 deep breaths in the bathroom asking for the same protection and balance. Being a Witch is about connecting and directing your magic – tools, crystals, and sage all help but in the end, YOU  are the magic so just tell the energy what you want it to do and trust that it will listen.

 We hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving full of friends, family, and magic. From our hearth and home to yours <3 Your Mystic Mages! 

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