About Us

2,000 miles can’t keep us apart after 20 years of spiritual shenanigans! Soul sisters since seventh grade, we always shared the same affinity for the strange and unusual. We might’ve been little punk rock teenagers on the surface, but we always knew there was an inner calling that was deeper and more powerful. 20 years of soul searching and spiritual stretch marks has led us here, as we try to help ourselves while helping others on this journey to higher consciousness. Even now we find ourselves asking each other what “normal” best friends must even talk about!

We hope to bring you some everyday enchantment to make your modern life a little more magical, and to create a community based on one founding principle. Christians will refer to it as “do unto others,” while my grandma and my kindergarten teacher would’ve both simply said, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” It really boils down to the Golden Rule of treating others the way you would hope to be treated. Wiccans will refer to the phrase, “Harm none,” while energy workers will allude to the basic laws of attraction and karma. We, however, like to cut right to the chase and keep our motto pretty short and sweet by saying: “Don’t be a dick!” We believe that love and light sets everything right, so no hate, no haters and most importantly, no spiritual bullshit, please and thank you. This is a safe place for all to learn and grow on your personal paths, so let’s make like The Beach Boys and keep those good vibrations a happenin’ !

Just so we’re clear on the ground rules, remember you’re beautiful, mystical baby, don’t be a dick! The rule of three states that anything you put out into the Universe you get back times three, for better or for worse. Star Wars has shown us numerous times just how tempting that Dark Side can be, but generally speaking it always turns out to be a bust. So for the last time, in case you missed something or decided to skim, please, for fuck’s sake, just #dontbeadick.

And when you have the urge to be a dick because you’re angry or frustrated with this physical life, know that you are exactly where you’re supposed to be right now, even if you don’t understand why. Even if it totally sucks hairy wizard balls. We have many lessons to learn in this lifetime, and everything happens as it should, at the right place and the right time, to produce the best possible results. My dear friend, know that you are magical, you are mystical and most importantly, you are so very loved.

Love and light,
<3 Jem and Merry, The Mystic Mages