Aquamarine is the perfect stone for not getting overwhelmed this month. It helps keep the distance between your true thoughts and the influence of negative energy. Wonderful for communication and helping the common winter ailments like colds and flu. Perfect for leaving behind stress and centering yourself.

Aquamarine helps keep the distance between your true thoughts and the influence of negative energy.

To me, aquamarine is basically your perfect best friend in crystal form. This crystal is your silent cheerleader – supporting you, calming you down, and helping you overcome judgment. Aquamarine really helps you take a step back from situations, that may be hurting you. It helps you understand things on a larger scale so you can make choices that are best for you in the long run. 

Also, aquamarine is the perfect stone to help you stay strong and healthy during the winter months. It helps to balance your cleansing organs making it easier for your body to fight off colds and the flu and stay healthy all winter long!

Lastly, this crystal is perfect to carry with you throughout the day because of it’s gentle energy. It can open your intuition up a little too much though, so some may want to avoid wearing it while in large crowds.

More Benefits of Aquamarine

  • Stone of soft, calming courage
  • This stone has an affinity for sensitives
  • Reduces stress and calms the mind – clarifying perception
  • In old times it was known for counteracting the forces of darkness and bringing favor from the spirits of light
  • It has the power to invoke tolerance of others
  • It overcomes judgment, gives support to anyone who is overwhelmed, and encourages taking responsibility for oneself
  • It helps rewrite self-defeating self-talk and help your personality be bright and dynamic
  • Brings communication from a higher plane
  • It harmonizes the thyroid and the pituitary gland and strengthens your body’s cleansing organs
  • Great stone for meditation and intuition

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