Aquarius July 2020 Monthly Horoscope

Your ruling planet, Uranus, continues its time in Taurus this month, before stationing retrograde on August 15. Uranus in Taurus allows you to make powerful changes to your existing routines for your July 2020 horoscope Aquarius.

This earthy influence of the Bull will also help you to ground in your manifestations, and truly begin bringing them to life.

Your dreams and goals need a practical plan, and with the help of Taurus in Uranus, you can achieve just that. Get very clear on the shifts you want to make in terms of love and finances so that there’s no confusion when your planet goes retro.

July 1, 8 and 22 will have Mercury in Cancer sextile your planet of revolution and awakening and will serve as great days for heartfelt communication.

While Cancer isn’t always expressive, Mercury in Cancer allows for emotional breakthroughs in matters of the heart. Use this energy to your advantage, and take this time to forge deep, meaningful connections in terms of friendship and romance.

This sextile on the 22 follows a Blue New Moon in Cancer on July 20. We’ve all heard the phrase, “once in a Blue Moon,” so be open to the magical and mysterious. Expect the unexpected, and be open and fluid, staying in the flow.

You can make some real progress this month and will embrace change with ease. Expect the unexpected, and surrender to the Divine. When we expect miracles, that’s what we’re sure to find.

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