Aquarius: June 2020 Monthly Horoscope

Aquarius, you relish in the Summer of Love vibes that come through for you during Gemini Season. As your fellow Air Sign bestie, Gemini energy has you wanting to get out and about and explore.

Your humanitarian side will have you wanting to connect deeper with your fellow man, as Gemini’s social nature and powers of communication has you feeling especially chatty.

While you generally need some alone time to re-calibrate, the past few months in quarantine has had you itching to get out into the world.

You may seek out giving time to some philanthropic efforts that feed your soul. If you’ve been thinking about volunteering, now is a great time to give back.

Although in modern times, Uranus is considered your ruling planet, for many years you were ruled by Saturn, so you will feel the effects of the pro’s and con’s of this retrograde.

Your ruling planet is in Taurus all month long, allowing you to take a more grounded approach toward any changes you are looking to make. Any tweaks would best be made before Mercury goes retrograde on June 18th.

Your dreams need a practical plan, Aqua, and you can make a lot of headway this month while you feel more down to Earth. This can significantly impact your prosperity for the better, bringing you luck when it comes to love and money with the help of Venus and Jupiter in retrograde.

However, your ruling planet in the sign of The Bull can also make an already stubborn Aquarius that much more obstinate. Try to refrain from having a bull-headed approach, or the planet of rebellion and revolution can quickly turn chaotic. Focus instead on facilitating gentle transition, rather than acting as the bull in a china shop. Your “damn the man” attitude can get you into trouble, so reel it in when you need to. Anarchy is not your friend, Aquarius. 

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