Aries: June 2020 Monthly Horoscope

Aries, for the last few months, your ruling planet of Mars was in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius. Ruling your 11th house of friendship, hopes and dreams, the start of quarantine brought an energy of determination, allowing many of your aspirations to begin coming to life.

As a goal-driven Aries that generally prefers to be in control, this time has required you to lean on your friends from afar, allowing you to accomplish even more than usual, much to your own surprise.

This process has you recognizing just how much you value your close friendships, and how you don’t always need to be a lone wolf.

Last month, Mars moved into watery Pisces, which can complicate the sex-life of fireball Aries. As the Warrior, you’re not always one for a depth of emotion, but this time in Pisces is allowing you to balance the head and the heart. Pisces rules your 12th House of spirituality, allowing you to examine your beliefs, and explore your strengths and weaknesses.

Pisces is requiring you to be less forceful, and let your partner take the lead. You are exploring boundaries related to sex and love, especially with Venus and Pluto in retrograde. Use this time in Pisces to embrace your softer, more sensitive side, and to think of your partner’s feelings, and not just your own. This will allow you to close out the month with a more balanced Feminine side, before Mars moves into your Masculine home sign on June 28th.

Your Sun Sign of Aries rules your First House of self, and will have you getting back to what’s most important to you. The First House is all about just that – firsts. Trust that the end of June into July will be a time of new beginnings and initiatives, fresh starts, and first impressions. Do what you do best and take the lead.

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