LIVE Candle Lighting Ceremony

Our Candle Lighting Ceremony is for anyone who was affected by Hurricane Dorian. Watch below to add your powerful love to our ceremony, hold space for your own friends and family, or just come to help relieve some worry.

This ceremony was to send love and protection to anyone who is or could be affected by Hurricane Dorian. We used our collective magic to send everyone and anyone in the wake of this storm our love, support, and protection.

We lit candles and saying special protection prayers for anyone requested in the post on our main page.

We know this was a hard time with so many loved ones, family, friends, and just other people affected by Hurricane Dorian. We want to help you all feel a little more love during this time and help everyone know how cared about they really are. This is something that is hitting the Mages close to home and we want to do all we can to support those who we love
♥ Merry & Jem

LIVE Candle Lighting Ceremony for anyone affected by Hurricane Dorian

Posted by The Mystic Mages on Tuesday, September 3, 2019

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