Capricorn July 2020 Monthly Horoscope

There is so much action in your sign for this July 2020 horoscope Capricorn. The first of the month starts off with your ruling planet, Saturn, moving into your home sign, where it will continue it’s retrograde.

This may mean that work will slow down for you, and for an ambitious Capricorn, that is outside your comfort zone. Take this as a blessing right now, and allow yourself to focus on other things.

July 4 will make for a powerful Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in your sign, and this Independence Day will take on a whole new meaning.

This will have you re-evaluating what freedom really means to you, and where you need to take your power back. Likewise, this transit will also have you re-examining how you’re fiercely independent nature can sometimes be to your detriment.

There is something to be said about teamwork, Cap, and you’re not always great at sharing the load. This is a time for delegation, and by loosening your grip, you will accomplish so much more.

Examining control issues will be beneficial right now, as much of this relates to childhood, family issues, and lineage and ancestral healing. This month will have you learning to strike a healthy balance, as the Universe can really get to work when you’re having fun.

This Full Moon will open a powerful manifestation portal for you, so prioritize instead of trying to do it all.

Jupiter and Saturn will both spend time in your sign this month, so you will see a surge in good luck and good karma coming your way. July 14, 15 and 20 may be triggering, as the Sun in Cancer will oppose Jupiter, then Pluto, and then Saturn, all in your sign.

Take it easy on those days, and focus on having some light-hearted fun. Enjoy the little things, and don’t sweat the small stuff.   

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