Capricorn: June 2020 Monthly Horoscope

Capricorn, your ruling planet of Saturn continues its retrograde period until September 29th, hearkening a time to re-think your priorities and long-term goals.

In the same breath, the influence of Venus and Jupiter retrograde will get you re-evaluating your views on money and abundance.

You are known to be the strict Daddy of the zodiac, and you love to take care of business. However, this month is all about shifting your focus, in order to lighten up and be a little less serious.

You put yourself under harsh scrutiny on the reg, and at times you can become your own worst enemy as a result. June is all about loosening your grip and finding some balance, so that you’re better able to work to live, not live to work.

As we enter the summer months, take some steps to lighten your workload and have some well-deserved fun. This month of June is preparing you for a powerful Lunar Eclipse in your sign on July 4th. If you can take a more even-keeled approach toward following your true North, you’ll have a much easier time during Eclipse Season.

Saturn is the Lord of Karma, so your planet in retrograde will also have you facing any karmic debts or contracts that need tending to. What are you learning at this time? Even hard lessons serve as blessings in disguise, so pay attention to whatever is surfacing for you right now.

You are naturally driven and responsible, but it’s time to shift some of that focus off of your 3D physical world and onto your 5D spiritual connection. Now is a powerful time for clearing any past-life wounds or karma, and facing any issues head-on. There’s a bigger picture at play here, so be mindful of what you’re being taught right now. Remember Capricorn, the greatest teachers are forever students.

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