Crystal Clear

It’s not hoarding if it’s crystals, right? Some of my friends literally call me The Crystal Queen, and if the shoe fits, wear it. There are way worse problems to have!

My love of crystals started at an early age. As a 90’s kid and Jersey girl, gemstone jewelry was a rite of passage. And an Aquarius, I grew up wanting Amethyst everything. Jewelry was my mom’s thing, and I was surely a girl after her own heart. And while I never truly realized my mother’s magic until she passed away, I now realize that many of our favorite items and activities were serving a much deeper purpose.

That simple act of kindness re-ignited my love affair with the metaphysical, and played such an important role in my life changing around for the better again.

It wasn’t about material things like jewelry. It was about the energy from these crystals and the way they made us feel. I didn’t realize in those moments that these mystical stones were also providing healing and protection, but in my mind, they were certainly majestic and powerful.

It never occurred to me why my mother always had crystals in the entranceway to our home and scattered throughout the other rooms of the house. I never realized that my mother’s gifts of stones and jewelry were really amulets and talismans designed to keep me safe and happy. While growing up led me to believe that the magic I felt from these crystals was just my wild imagination, I know better now. So while my mom has been gone for 17 years, she is still teaching me many lessons in spirituality today.

I re-discovered crystals in my mid-20’s, at a time when shitty jobs, shitty friends and shitty men had left me wanting more out of this physical life. I was working as an Esthetician in Montclair, NJ, where I had a thriving clientele from all walks of life. I had a particularly lovely client named Sally, who I always had deep, interesting conversations with. Sally was always wearing pink, and had a warm, soothing disposition about her.

One day after our appointment, I went back to clean my room. Sally had left my tip on the dresser as usual, but this time along with something special. She left me the kindest note with a small Rose Quartz on top, along with a card telling me what the stone was good for. I carried that Rose Quartz around with me for over two years! And you know what? I always had a better day when I did than when I didn’t. If I was feeling angry or anxious, I would hold onto it and try to calm myself down or meditate. Over time, I wire wrapped it and wore it as a necklace. Years later, I gifted it to someone I truly felt needed it at the time, knowing deep down that it had already served its purpose for me.

That simple act of kindness re-ignited my love affair with the metaphysical, and played such an important role in my life changing around for the better again.

I will always be grateful to my Earth Angel for helping me continue on my divine journey by connecting with me and allowing me to remember who I really am. You never know how one random act of kindness might change someone’s life forever. Don’t be afraid to share your magic with the world!

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