Gemini: June 2020 Monthly Horoscope

Break out the bubbly, Gemini! It’s your season, and whether your birthday has just passed, or is right around the corner, you are ready to party!

The past few months in the quarantine may have been a struggle for you initially, but you utilized this time wisely in so many ways. 

You’re feeling especially organized and on top of things right now, and it’s allowing you to better enjoy a little downtime when you have it, instead of filling it up with more things to do.

Many of you have been diving deep into artistic endeavors, thriving during this time of pause, and finding new ways to express yourselves. Slowing down is allowing you to get to know yourself better, and to get a better handle on what it is you really want out of life. You are thinking about the future, but you’re worrying less, and it’s allowing you to experience more in the now. 

As we approach the summer months, you are feeling some excitement in the air, and are looking forward to kicking off your shoes, and letting loose. You have missed out on socializing and seeing friends and family, and you can’t wait to catch up with the people you care most about.

However, this quiet time alone has gotten you thinking, and maybe overthinking certain things. This break has you feeling less scattered these days, and as a result, certain things have become crystal clear. This time of retreat has allowed you to re-evaluate where you need to have stronger boundaries.

You don’t like to let people down, and often feel guilty if you’re not able to lend a helping hand. Don’t be a doormat, Gemini. There are plenty of people out there who take advantage of your good nature and don’t hold up their end of the bargain.

Now is a time for pulling back from what drains you, and investing more time in what brings you joy. So whatever has been weighing heavy on your mind, utilize your powers of communication to clear the air while the Sun is in your home sign. It would be wise to do so before your ruling planet, Mercury, goes retrograde on June 18th. You’ll be happy that you did.

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