How to Start Your New Year Off Right

Join us to help ring in the new year!

Watch our video all about the New Year, the new energy, and what you may be feeling right now. Real talk, card pulls, fun, and friends!

Happy New Year!!! The New Year is such an exciting time with new goals and new plans. In this week’s Wine Wednesday your Mages are going to help you start the year off right with inspiration and guidance on how to really kick some ass this year!!

On this YouTube Live your Mystic Mages talk about the energy you may be feeling this new year, the types of things that may be blocking your dreams, what crystals you can use to help you this new year, the mages pull cards to help you understand the current energy – all while laughing, telling jokes and helping you lighten the fuck up a little and have a good time! 

<3 Jem & Merry | The Mystic Mages

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