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Prosperity Ritual: Invoking Your Leo Abundance

With financial freedom on many of our minds, what better way to turn this season of abundance in our favor than with a little Leo Season prosperity ritual.

The Lion’s Gate Portal has pushed us into an energy of taking our power back in all areas of our lives. (What a perfect time for a prosperity ritual, right?!)

With financial freedom on many of our minds, what better way to turn this season of abundance in our favor than with a simple little step-by-step Leo Season prosperity ritual.

I can see some of your eyes rolling already…a ritual? What is this “woo woo” stuff? Well, the same way that the power of prayer can heal and mend, any means of positive intention is putting that energy out into the Universe.

Then, throw in some crystals, a candle, some cinnamon, and a couple of bucks, and you’ve got yourself some easy, DIY money magic!

What you need for Your Prosperity Ritual:

  • 1 candle (votive or small, one-time use candle)
  • Cinnamon (1 Cinnamon Stick to burn like incense or sprinkle some ground Cinnamon in your candle)
  • Crystal(s): Goldstone, Jade, Green Aventurine, Pyrite or Citrine. (Any of those will work, so choose one, or use whichever ones you have for a cool mini-crystal grid! And if you have some Clear Quartz, feel free to add them in to amplify the effects!)
  • Dollar Bills: 2 singles (brownie points if they have the number 8 or 11 on them!)

Directions for Leo Season Your Prosperity Ritual:

1. First, put on some relaxing music, and find a safe, quiet place for your ritual. Lay singles down on your altar, table, nightstand or anywhere else you decide to make your sacred space.

2. Next, place your candle and crystals on top of the dollar bills. Lay out your grid in whatever manner feels right to you. There is no right or wrong here!

3. Then, light your candle.

4. Now, sprinkle some ground Cinnamon over the flame of your candle, or light the tip of a Cinnamon Stick. Cinnamon bark makes a great incense, just make sure to put it in a shell, cauldron, or another fire-safe container.

5. Stare into the flame of your candle, taking three deep breaths in and out.

6. Say the following:

Prosperity Ritual Words

Candle’s flame within my eyes,

I am healthy, wealthy and wise,

My money is good, my money is great,

Your blessings I appreciate,

Abundance and prosperity,

Will now be mine, for all to see,

(Repeat 2 x)

As I will, by the powers of three,

As I will it, so mote it be.

7. Next, take a deep breath in, and visualize yourself being filled and surrounded by soft, green and pink light. Breathe out, bringing your hands to your heart, breathing in and out twice more.

8. Then, give thanks to the Universe and your Guides for these blessings. Leaving an offering of food or drink never hurts!

9. Finally, let the candle burn out. (be sure your candle is somewhere you can easily supervise)

10. Leave your crystal grid and singles out for 8 days after the ritual.

11. Take the two singles, and give them away as a tip, donation, etc.

We hope that you enjoyed this money-making magic prosperity ritual! Express gratitude for the abundance and prosperity that is finding you now. Eliminate the thoughts or behaviors that keep you in a lack or poverty mindset, and hold space for the blessings that are being delivered. All is unfolding according to plan, in Divine Time.

Love and light,

The Mystic Mages

p.s. If you do this prosperity ritual – show us on our Facebook Group!

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