June Crystal of the Month: Air Signs

Red Jasper

Air Signs, this month is all about Air and Water, which means you will have a serious need for some grounding. Many of you may feel especially floatey this month, and will benefit from a Root Chakra stone to bring you back down to Earth.

Red Jasper allows you to remain practical and calm, while still maintaining your passion and zest for life. A stone of maturity, confidence and protection, Red Jasper allows you to truly own who you are.

A powerful stone of balance, Red Jasper teaches you to be both strong and gentle in the same breath, allowing you to accomplish anything you set your mind to. So get to work on your dreams and goals, with Red Jasper by your side to help oversee your progress. It’s now time to ground in your manifestations, and watch as the magic of Red Jasper truly helps you to bring them to life.


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