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FREE Simple Leo Tarot Card Spread

Use this free Leo Tarot Card Spread to see where you are pushing too hard and where you hold your strength.

Leos are strong and positive as well as being ambitious and all-around optimistic. They tend to like to be the center of attention and can be a bit egotistical or too prideful at times.

Using this tarot spread, you can gain insight into your own life and find out where your Leo energy is being held. It will help you understand where you are pushing too hard and where you are in line with your goals.

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This spread is designed to work with the powerful Leo energy during July and August but can be used any time to help you on your path. 

FREE Simple Leo Tarot Card Spread card positions and meanings:

Card 1: Where am I at?

What is the current state of my goal or question? Where am I right now? What is the energy I am starting from?

Card 2: Where am I pushing too hard?

Where am I being demanding or too bossy? Where am I pushing something that isn’t meant to be?

Card 3: Where is my strength?

Where am I doing the best? What is something aligned with my goal or question? What can I feel excited about?

Card 4: How can I move forward?

What are my next steps? What do I need to know for my journey? What advice do I need to hear right now?


We hope this Leo tarot card spread helps you uncover your hidden Leo energy and provides you with some insight into your life and path. <3 The Mystic Mages 

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