Leo Season: Lighting the Fire WIthout Getting Burned

Harnessing the power of the Lionheart to manifest your Summer of Love!

And just like that, it’s Leo Season! As an Aquarius, I get along great with Leos, and have many of them in my life. I love their energy and exuberance, and their generous, loving nature. Their ardor and zest for life is infectious, and you know you’re bound to have a good time when Leo is around! So what does this Leo Season have in store for us, and how can we make the most of it?

Leo is a Fire Sign and is ruled by The Sun,

making Leo Season a time of abundance, movement and growth. Leos love to be the life of the party, and we often find ourselves being social butterflies during this time. Leos tend to have magnetic personalities, so we may find ourselves turning heads. People may not only be receptive to, but almost captivated by us during this transit. Our calendars may start filling up with plans, and this may be a time for meeting new friends and lovers.

Leo is all about flirtation and fiery passion, so this can also be a time for romance, re-connections and soul deep relationships. This season of love is a time where we will be feeling motivated, inspired and driven, as we may find our ambition surging to new heights.

Leo’s creative juices are always flowing, so this is a great time to start a new project, dive into a hobby or revisit an old idea that was placed on the back burner. This is a time of strength and potential, as we begin to see real progress mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

However, this season we may also find ourselves needing to reel it in a little. This energy can have us going, going, going, leaving us feeling anxious and overwhelmed if FOMO has us reaching a burnout.

For as much as Leo loves, they can quickly become the egomaniacs of the zodiac, needing to prove that they’re King of the Forest. Remain confident without being cocky, and don’t let your pride get in the way. As the Strength card in Tarot shows us, there is a way to tame the wild beast without using brute force.

The Lion may roar when backed into a corner, but really, this little kitty just wants some affection. Leo loves to be adored, so make sure that any desire for attention or validation doesn’t manifest as neediness or obsessiveness. Leo’s urge to create, combined with their over-achieving nature, can also lead to destruction, so be sure to stay grounded and keep your energies balanced.

Just like The Sun card in Tarot, Leo Season will have us feeling positive, radiant and successful. Just as The Sun restores us and gives us strength, this time of year will have us feeling revitalized before moving into intellectual Virgo.

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