Pisces July 2020 Monthly Horoscope

Your planet, Neptune, continues its retrograde, allowing you to find clarity on so many levels this for your July 2020 horoscope Pisces.

Where there was once fog or confusion, you are now seeing things as they truly are. Anyone who has pulled the wool over your eyes is now being revealed, and you may be experiencing some hard lessons.

Take this in stride, and don’t let it shake your balance, Pisces. You are realizing just how strong you are and are no longer allowing yourself to be deceived.

Illusions and delusions will continue to be exposed, and this will allow for honesty and truth on all levels. You will be leaning further into your path and purpose, and will no longer be shifting your energy to match the room.

The days of being a chameleon are over, as you step into your most authentic self. Your creative juices are flowing, as you worry less about how others perceive your art.

The Sun in Cancer will trine Neptune on July 12, so this may be an emotional day for you. Your planet will be getting a lot of action at the end of the month, starting with Jupiter in Capricorn sextile Neptune on July 27.

In the same breath, Venus in Gemini will square Neptune. We close out the month with Mercury trining Neptune on July 30, allowing your feelings on love to recalibrate after Venus squares Neptune.

Remember Pisces, you are the most spiritually evolved of the zodiac. Your intuition and empathic abilities far surpasses the rest, so own it with confidence. No more doubts, Pisces. Stand tall and don’t back down. 

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