Post-Lion’s Gate Check-In

August 8th, 8/8, was the peak of the Lion’s Gate Energy Portal, which is well known for being the highest vibrational day of the year.

On this day each year, there is a transit between the star Sirius, the Sun, Orion’s Belt and the Great Pyramid of Giza. The great surge of light that pours toward Earth during this phenomena makes way for major enlightenment and awakening. This super-charged light from Sirius and the Sun allows us to create powerful, irrevocable change in our lives.  Allowing for transformation on all levels. So how do we make the most of the new energy this energy portal has given us, in order to manifest magic and miracles in our own lives?

The energy portal closed out on August 12, but many of us are still feeling it’s potent energy, and are already starting to see the effect of this transit in our physical lives. Like Leo, the Lionheart, this Lion’s Gate was all about connecting to our heart space. Now is a time where we may still be feeling intense Heart Chakra upgrades.  As we heal and purge deep childhood, ancestral and past-life trauma. 

You may have been feeling tightness in your chest, your heart racing, or sensations in your hands, as they are directly linked to the heart. These activations will allow us to march forward. Pushing us into a period of finding our inner strength, allowing us to express our true feelings, and courageously making bold moves toward the future.

If we have been feeling foggy or confused on certain life decisions that need to be made. This energy portal is allowing us to see things at face value, providing long-awaited clarity.

You may have been noticing an overwhelming amount of signs and synchronicities, in the form of number sequences (i.e. 88, 888, 1111, etc.). You may also be experiencing enhanced intuition, deja vu, prophetic dreams, astral projection or access to the Akashic Records, which contain ancient knowledge and wisdom.  Many may have also experienced Third Eye and Crown Chakra clearing, providing us with new ways of thinking and being.

This energy portal is allowing us to recognize outdated or toxic cycles, situations, relationships and behaviors. Leading us to make the necessary changes to bring these cycles to a close. 

This may be serving as a “Tower moment” for some, as old structures start to crumble away, making way for what’s to come. As the masks fall off, and we are able to see past illusions and delusions. Our sense of inner peace and harmony is being restored by the truth. Now is a time for new beginnings, as our new frequency and insight will propel us toward our life purpose and soul mission.  

Like The Magician, we are now able to use the alchemy of this powerful transit to be major manifestors. Launching us into the next chapter at an accelerated rate.

Be mindful of your thoughts, words, and actions during this time. Every encounter in this 3D world is an energy exchange, so be sure to keep your vibe high, and let the Law of Attraction do its thing. We are in the middle of a transformative Full Moon in Aquarius, which will start to set the ball in motion. As we close out Leo Season and move toward Virgo, our dreams and goals will become grounded and take root. Mercury and Jupiter are now direct, while Uranus goes retrograde, so it is surely a time for a revolution.  

The Universe has your back. Now and always, so be sure to make the most of this energy portal. Believe in the miraculous and get ready to make magic happen!

If you are needing some insight into the Leo energy of the season, make sure you check out our Leo Tarot Spread! 

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