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The Perfect Protection Practice

This protection practice will remove anyone’s energy that is trying to fuck with you and will help you put up powerful protection to protect yourself throughout your day. 

By not protecting your energy, you are opening yourself up to so much negativity.  Being a sensitive soul, you pick up on others thoughts and feelings and can even convince yourself they are your own! 
During this month, we need to make sure we protect ourselves from this. We need to stay clear on our focus to manifest exactly what we want. To help, we have created this amazing instrumental protection practice to help you remove anyones else energy that is trying to fuck with you and to put up very powerful protection so you won’t be as affected by other’s energy throughout your day.<

Listen Here to The Perfect Protection Practice Free Instrumental Meditation below!

This protection practice is designed to be something you can do anywhere at any time. Below I will outline the best way to listen to and use this mediation, but you can put this on any time – anywhere to help you release any negative energy you are holding on to and to protect your self from any negative energy that may be trying to affect you. 


This meditation is an instrumental and does not have words. This connects to me more. I like to take my own journey while performing my protection practice and I don’t like guided meditations that tell me what to do. 

While it does not have words – it does have very strong energy and intention behind it, that is the real magic. What I have outlined below is the energy infused in this meditation. Feel free to use this as a guide for your protection practice if you would like! 

I recommend ritualizing this protection practice into you every day for the month of August. Put this on in the morning while you are doing your makeup or while you are in the shower. Also, listen to this music any time feel you want a little extra protection. Believe in the power of this protection practice and it will support you in ways you can’t even imagine!


First:  Get yourself in a comfortable and quiet place where you won’t be bugged for the next 5 minutes. 

Then:  Grab two crystals and hold a dark crystal in your left hand and light crystal in your right

Next:  Close your eyes and take 4 deep breathes 

Finally:  Listen to the below meditation instrumental and let your energies align to its magic 


Protection Practice Guidance: 

Let your mind just float and try not to think about too much, let whatever comes up release and leave, don’t take time to think about these things. Feel any resistance being pulled from your body as this negative slug drains from you. Let this process unfold.

Soon you will feel a shift as light enters your soul. Feel any damage be repaired by the love that is all around you. Feel your spirit glow and happiness return. Feel content and satisfied.

Then come back down and into your body. Feel your senses reawaken and feel your soul combine with your body – bring your light into your physical body. Feel it radiate through and out of your body enclosing you in an aura of protection. Open your eyes noticing how light and protected you feel.

Now keep this feeling of happiness and security with you all day. Know it is protecting you from what will not serve you. Thank all the energies and angels for helping you on your path 


We really hope this protection practice will become a part of your daily ritual and will protect your delicate energies through this month. 


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