Red Jasper

Red Jasper is one of the softest and gentlest grounding crystals I know. Its deep red color helps you connect to the earth and release any negative energies that may be holding you back. This is a stone to put in your pocket (or your bra because women’s clothes never have pockets). It has such gentle energy it won’t overpower you throughout the day.

Red Jasper is great for getting over past loves and past tramas that may still be effecting you. It Helps really draw out old energy and rebalance your energies.

Also, red jasper is a powerful balancing stone. It will help you, your energy, and your mind rebalance and realign. It helps balance the mind, body, and spirit on so many levels that it is a very powerful healing stone as well. Red Jasper is a great stone to put under your pillow or have near you while you are sleeping. It will gently rebalance you while you sleep without being disturbing to your rest.

Additionally, red jasper is great for healing any past love pain you may still be carrying around. It removes these past pains in a way that is both quick and painless (what a win!) so you don’t have to worry about reliving the past with this stone!

More Benefits of Red Jasper

  • It is a base chakra stone
  • It provides protection and grounds energies in the body
  • Cleanses and aligns chakras and auras
  • Balances yin and yang energy
  • Strengthen your boundaries
  • Aligns physical, mental, and emotional bodies
  • Strengthens and detoxifies your circulatory system
  • Encourages honesty with yourself and provides courage
  • Brings problems to light before they get too big
  • Rectifies unjust situations
  • Jasper works slowly so use over a long time, or under a pillow
  • Helps with dream recall
  • Great in gem elixir because it doesn’t overstimulate

If you want to check out more crystal meanings from The Mystic Mages, check out our blog. If you live in Colorado or are visiting, one of my favorite shops to buy crystals at is at Blue Stone in Loveland and they have some amazing Red Japer. We have no affiliation with them – just a place I love!

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