Sagittarius July 2020 Monthly Horoscope

Who are you even anymore, Sagittarius? June’s Eclipse in your sign really rocked your world. You may be having a mild identity crisis for your July 2020 horoscope Sagittarius. As all of the healing you’ve been going through has you feeling like a different person entirely. This isn’t a bad thing, Sag!

We’re supposed to change and grow, so kudos to you for doing the work that was put off for far too long. However, there may be some negative backlash to this, as not everyone loves the new and improved version of you.

There may be people in your inner circle that are or will soon fall away, and although this may hurt, try to see how it’s serving you.

You carried around dead weight far past its expiration date, and a lot of people got used to you cleaning up their messes for them. If it’s not your cross to bare, you’ve put it down, and now these opportunists may be kicking and screaming.

As much as you enjoy your freedom, you’re also recognizing toxic patterns that you’ve fallen into to keep yourself comfortable, and your circle happy.

As you take back your power and independence, you are feeling more like your old gypsy self, and you’re recognizing that it may be time to roll on down the road.

You’ve up-leveled at such a rapid pace, that it may be time to set out on a new adventure. The wandering vagabond in you still enjoys a good time, and you’re realizing that your current tribe is kind of a buzz kill.

You’re feeling more determined and focused than ever, and the reality is that not everyone wants to see you succeed. The new path you are taking is in alignment with who you truly are, and what your soul is crying out for.

You are making the right decision to go your own way, even if it means doing so with little to no support. The right people and opportunities are finding you, Sag. Pull back your arrow, and fly straight toward your target. 

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