Scorpio July 2020 Monthly Horoscope

Pluto retrograde and all this Water has been wildly emotional for you. You may feel like one day you’re on top of the world, and the next you’re down the rabbit hole, Scorpio. This is totally normal right now for your July 2020 horoscope Scorpio. As your deep well of intuition has you feeling the current energies to the extreme.

When things start to feel dark and stormy, ride the waves rather than being the anchor.

You can sometimes be set in your ways, and this period is forcing you to be less rigid in your approach. You tend to feel like you’re burdening others if you can’t be fully present for them, but you need to show up for you above all.

You don’t always have to grin and bare it, Scorpio. You fall into these traps where you over-deliver, and then you’re angry every step of the way. This ends now! When you need a minute, take it. When you want to say no, say no. You don’t owe anyone an explanation – no is no.

There’s a serious need to conserve your energy right now if you don’t want your mood to suffer. There’s a lot of deep healing going on for you at the moment, so make an effort to put down the weight.

What have you taken on out of guilt that’s not really your obligation? It’s time to give back what rightfully belongs to others. You can’t be everything for everyone, so draw that line in the sand. For as tough as you are, you sometimes allow yourself to get pushed around, so you need to work on achieving the right balance.

You have a lot of feelings and you know what? They’re important. Start making yourself a priority, Scorpio. 

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