Season of Giving: When is Enough Enough?

Ah, the holiday season. While we all enjoy getting a present or two every now and then, consumer commercialism is allowing the holiday season to seriously drain our bank accounts. Marketing can leave us feeling like we need to show our loved ones how much we care based on how much we spend, but that’s not in line with the true meaning of this season of giving.

Maybe I sound a little like Charlie Brown. Maybe I just don’t get this whole Christmas thing, but I know that many of us are struggling in a variety of ways this time of year. Not only do we feel financially tapped out, but we also feel energetically depleted. The holidays are one of my busiest work seasons, aside from all of the social commitments with family and friends. Personally, it sometimes takes me a solid two weeks to recover from the holidays. Certain years it can even take me the entire month of January just to feel human again. I am incredibly sensitive to energy, and after the holidays I generally go into hibernation. Peace out mofos, see you in February!

Maintaining balance is crucial for the sake of your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health, so here are some helpful tips and tricks to make the holiday chaos a little more manageable.

1.    Quiet your mind. Even if the only time you have is before work or before bed, everyone can find at least 10 minutes of downtime to decompress. Personally, I try to spend my first 10-20 minutes home in silence, so that I can unload some of the energy I picked up on throughout my day. If meditation is a struggle, you could choose to read or write. Maybe you’re a kitchen witch who finds relaxation in cooking yourself a hot meal, or maybe you just need a serious time out with a glass of wine and your thoughts. Whatever your soul is craving, make sure to feed it or you’ll starve.

2.    Ground, ground, ground! Whether you take a quick walk or go for a hike to spend some time in nature, or draw yourself a hot salt bath as a ritual to yourself, find ways to clear yourself of any energy you may have created or absorbed. You can burn some sage to purify yourself or your space, or you can work with a pendulum to reset the energy. Regardless, it’s important to check in with your inner voice and cleanse that shit!

3.    Be honest with yourself as well as others, and don’t be afraid to call yourself out on your own bullshit. When you’re feeling out of sorts, ask yourself why. What did I do today? Who did I come into contact with? What triggered these negative thoughts or feelings? If it’s a particular person, place or thing that caused it, maybe it’s time to set some serious boundaries and put some space in there. If you can’t quite figure out the root cause, take some time to continue to ponder this. Pay attention to your moods and emotions, so you become better and better at reading your internal temperature.

4.    Protect yourself! Some people choose to carry a gris-gris or traveling altar so they have some magical tools at their disposal. It could be as simple as wearing a particular piece of jewelry or carrying around some crystals. Even just rubbing a worry stone if you’re feeling stressed or pissed off can work wonders for your well being.

5.    Recognize that you can’t please everyone, and you know what? That’s ok! You don’t have to, and you shouldn’t be expected to. The only person’s happiness you are truly responsible for at the end of the day is your own. While we all struggle with this from time to time, happiness is ultimately a choice. It’s a lifestyle, a mindset and a way of being, and at times it is easier said than done. For many of us, our happiness can be circumstantial instead of eternal, which is one of the major challenges we will face on our own spiritual journey. So, if someone is mad at you for not bending to their every whim, or for not having the mind space to deal with their drama, there is a much bigger issue at hand, and it’s not your burden to carry. Protect your energy, and cut any cords necessary to allow you to function at your highest potential. Do the best that you can, with love and light in your heart, and work on creating your own magic this holiday season!

We hope you all have an amazing Holiday Season full of friends, family, and magic. From our hearth and home to yours <3 Your Mystic Mages! 

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