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The Power of Silver and Gold

The Power of Silver and Gold

Silver and Gold, I can’t even say the two together without breaking into song! There is just something about these two beautiful metals that just draws us in. Yes, they have a strong monetary value but it is more than that. It is more about the magic that we can feel in these two metals that makes them so valuable to us! During the Holiday season, you will see these two colors decorate almost everything and they always bring wonder and amazement to us all.

For as long as humans have been around we have been drawn to both silver and gold. For thousands of years, Alchemists have tried to create these two metals out of pretty much everything and anything. Millions of people have suffered in the pursuit of both silver and gold. Why are we so drawn to these metals, is it just their look and use or is it more than that?

Spiritual Badasses have known the powerful properties of silver and gold for generations.

Healers throughout time have used silver and gold to in their practices. Today I want to share some of the magical properties of silver and gold.

>> Key Takeaway – Silver and gold are really a balance of each other. Silver representing the feminine and Gold representing the masculine.

Silver: The Goddess, lunar magic, meditation, success, balance, wards off negativity, psychic development

Gold: The Sod, solar energy, power, physical strength, mental growth, skill, healing energy, intuition, fortune

The Spiritual Badasses Perspective: Like all of us, I wish I had more time at my altar to be able to meditate and use these metals in my practice but that just isn’t modern life. Old wisdom would have us hold and bond with each of these metals to really connect to them.

In our busy lives, we have to change to connect to these colors in my daily life. It isn’t hard, it is really about noticing them and I have been noticing their beauty everywhere! I keep looking at the beautiful Christmas decorations and seeing the balance, the silver, and gold, the God and Goddess and it is so charming.

It is about taking the time to notice these things, to really see them and take a moment of appreciation for what they represent. Having these moments where you get to connect to your spiritual side is what makes us all Spiritual Badasses. You could be walking past Macy’s and see the beautiful colors and connect to what they deeply mean. You could be watching Hulu and see the silver and gold on the commercials and know what these colors mean.

Of course, you can also use them in your magic, silver and gold candles are wonderful to amp up your spells or call in the God and Goddess to your rituals. Find ways to admire and appreciate the deeper meaning of these colors this season.

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