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Thanksgiving spices and their Witchy Correspondence

Spice, it is the…spice of life? I am not really sure how that saying goes but spices sure make life flavorful! Spices and herbs are used in magic in many different ways. Most commonly Kitchen Witches, Hedge Witches, and Green Witches use herbs and spices in their magic most but every Witch I know uses spices in some way to help boost their magic. Spices can help add a little extra power to any spell you do but let’s be real, most of us use them most often in our cooking and don’t even really think of their magical significance.

So today I wanted to go over the most common spices you will be using this Thanksgiving and show you their magical correspondence. The flavors of Thanksgiving incorporate so many “magical herbs” or herbs known for their mental, physical, or spiritual healing properties. Not only do these spices and herbs bring amazing flavors and smells to our home, but they also help keep our bodies balanced and healthy – that more could you want!

Thanksgiving spices and their Witchy Correspondence

Cinnamon – vitality, love, and purification

Thyme – purification and healing

Nutmeg – happiness, love, and money

Ginger – romance and increased potential

Sage – protection, health, and longevity

Allspice – prosperity

Clove – protection, and healing (if using whole cloves, use in sets of three)

Salt – neutralization, and protection

Peper – protection, and to ward off negativity

Rosemary – memory, wisdom, and protection

Bay – success, and wisdom

These spices can all be incorporated into your magic work year-round to give you extra power but on Thanksgiving, you have free reign to use them as much as you want! Seems like on this day everyone is a little bit of a Kitchen Witch – casting spells of abundance, thanks, happiness, and love.

We hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving full of friends, family, and magic. From our hearth and home to yours <3 Your Mystic Mages! 

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