Virgo: June 2020 Monthly Horoscope

Virgo, your ruling planet, Mercury, stations retrograde on June 18th, urging you to reflect, re-charge and re-evaluate. We will be in the retrograde shadow period for about two weeks prior, so this will affect you for nearly the entire month of June.

This happens to fall during Gemini season, also ruled by your planet of Mercury, so the effects will be that much more intense.

It would be wise to watch your mouth at this time, being mindful of your choice of words.

Any serious conversations should be had pre or post-retrograde, as you may have a tendency toward anxiety or agitation. If certain negotiations need to be made, be sure to use your powers of judgment and discernment.

Your eye for detail is keener than that of the average bear, but be sure not to gloss over anything. Relationships are highlighted here, especially with Venus in retrograde. People or parts of your past may come back around at this time, so pay attention to what’s coming up for you and why.

You are a perfectionist by nature, so you may have the urge to try to get it right this time around. You don’t always love to be alone, Virgo, so be sure to ask yourself what your motivation is behind this.

Furthermore, if you’ve been losing yourself in work, like you’re often prone to do, be sure to find some time to just be. Sit with yourself, and ask yourself who or what you’ve been running from. Be sure that you’re not resorting to methods of escapism, and instead, get back to what you love to help you channel the energy, and embrace the moment.

Re-decorate the house, cook yourself a fabulous meal or do some gardening. You would also benefit from finding a creative outlet, such as writing, painting or crafting. You are an artist by nature, so you don’t have to be straight business all the time. All work and no play make Virgo a dull boy!

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