FREE Virgo Energy Tarot Card Spread

Virgos are always paying attention to the details. In this Virgo Energy Tarot Spread, you are using the Virgo energy to uncover what details in your life you need to put a little more attention and love into.

We created this spread to help you will uncover where you are wasting your energy by just being too critical on yourself and others. Using it, you will also reveal what places in your life you need to look at from a new angle. This is a simple 6-card spread that anyone who loves tarot can use to reveal information in their lives. Any deck will work!

Use this spread anytime you need clarity while your brain is overthinking. It will provide insight on what you need to work on right now so you can focus your energy and move forward in strength.

With Love,
Merry & Jem
The Mystic Mages

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