Weekly Horoscopes | July 13 – July 20

Aries: Your planet, Mars, is feeling extra spicy now that it’s back in your home sign. This week you will feel especially productive, and have the opportunity to capitalize on a major opportunity or undertaking.

What is most important to you right now, Aries?

Taurus: Something or someone may have you seeing red this week, Taurus. Energies have been heavy, and your patience may be tested.

How can you best transmute your frustration, and channel it into something positive?

Gemini: Your planet, Mercury, is finally direct, so you should be feeling a sense of relief. We are still in the retroshade for another few weeks, but you should energetically be feeling a difference already.

What did you learn from this Retrograde, and what changes do you plan to make?

Cancer: We are now in a 10 day Galactic Portal that leads directly into a Blue New Moon in your sign. Expect the unexpected, and prepare for magic that only happens once in a Blue Moon.

How has this Cancer Season shaped you, and how can you best move forward?

Leo: This is the last week before we start off your birthday month, Leo. We are now less than a month out to the Lion’s Gate portal, and you will feel the energy intensifying. Now is a powerful time for manifesting lasting change.

What are you creating, Leo?

Virgo: Your ruling planet of Mercury is finally direct, so you may feel your energy up this week. Be sure to still use your detail-oriented Virgo skills, so that nothing slips through the cracks.

What did this Retrograde Season illuminate, and what work do you need to do?

Libra: This week you are feeling yourself, Libra! You don’t always take the time to recognize just how wonderful you are, but this week will have you feeling especially positive, and really taking things in stride.

How can you ride this wave, and best stay in receiving mode?

Scorpio: This Cancer Season has been a wild one for you, Scorpio. Water Signs have been hit hard, and you may feel especially emotional as we approach the Cancer New Moon.

What seeds are you planting during this Moon Cycle, and what do you hope to achieve?

Sagittarius: Oh Sag, you have been feeling a bit out of sorts lately, but you’re slowly regaining your sense of adventure. The energy is potent right now, and will facilitate you moving in a new direction.

You are at a fork in the road – which path will you choose?

Capricorn: The Wounded Healer, Chiron, joined the Retrograde party, and you may feel this more deeply than others. Chiron’s perihelion lies in your planet, Saturn’s, zone of control, so you may have some issues in this department this week.

Can you identify the wounds that are triggering these feelings, Capricorn?

Aquarius: Chiron, The Wounded Healer, is now in Retrograde, and you may be experiencing a deep purge. Chiron’s aphelion lies in that of your planet, Uranus, the planet of revolution.

What emotions are you releasing, and what lasting change can this produce?

Pisces:  As the most spiritually-evolved of the zodiac, you may feel the effects of this Galactic Portal and Blue Moon in Cancer at your core. Neptune Retrograde will continue to illuminate, so use this time to best connect with yourself.

What are you now seeing with fresh eyes, Pisces?

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