Weekly Horoscopes | July 20 – July 27

Aries: You’re usually the most confident of the zodiac, Aries, but everyone has their wobbles. The aggression of Mars in Aries, combined with the emotional Cancer New Moon, may have you feeling erratic or paranoid.

How can you get grounded, and be more in the moment?

Taurus:  Your energy has lifted, Taurus. You’ve been lightening up and feeling more like your old self again, and it shows.

What can you get back into in order to further elevate your mood?

Gemini: Mercury direct has you feeling like you’re back on track. What was once stuck is now starting to move, and life seems to be on the up-and-up.

What do you need to focus on so that you don’t start to feel overwhelmed?

Cancer: The week starts off with a second New Moon in your sign. As a Cancer, you can benefit from this Moon more than anyone, but you will also feel it most intensely.

What seeds do you wish to see grow?

Leo: This week starts off your birthday month, and you’re ready to start celebrating now. The social butterfly in you has been missing friends and family, so be sure to connect with the ones you love.

 Who’s most important to you, Leo, and how can you show them you care?

Virgo: You may be feeling a little edgy with the state of the world this week. Be sure to disconnect, and be mindful of what you give your time and energy to.

What’s a healthy creative outlet that can get your mind off things?

Libra: You may feel a bit scattered with the energies this week. Be gentle on your expectations of yourself, and make a to-do list or set alarms to keep you organized.

What regular practices can you put in place to add some structure?

Scorpio: You don’t shy away from intense situations. The Universe may be serving up some tough reminders lately, but you have the ability to take this in stride. Shadow work is the name of the game this week!

How can learn to love your dark side, Scorpio?

Sagittarius: Oh Sag, you have You’ve been rather mysterious as of late, and keeping your cards close to your chest on what you’re up to. An opportunity or reconnection may present itself, so lower your guard, and be open-minded.

What can you do to loosen up?

Capricorn: This week you’ll be feeling some major excitement in the air! You’re feeling lighter, and you’re certain that you’re on the brink of a major breakthrough.

How can you best celebrate your efforts, in order to usher this good energy forth?

Aquarius: You’re not always the best at being disciplined, Aqua, but Uranus in Taurus has really pushed you to ground in some big changes. The Universe has been rewarding you for your hard work, and your good fortune increases this week.

How can you best show gratitude for the blessings you’ve received?

Pisces:   You may be feeling quite different lately, Pisces. You’ve been undergoing a transformation, and it’s starting to reflect in your outer world.

What changes do you feel best about, and what other changes might do you good?

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