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Weekly Horoscopes | July 27 – August 3

Welcome – and thank you so much for checking out our weekly horoscope by The Mystic Mages! We really hope you enjoy and find wisdom in what we have created. We also included, for each sign, a really powerful journal prompt to help you gain further insight this week.

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Aries: You may be at a bit of a crossroads, Aries. There’s a fork in the road, and for as sure of yourself as you normally are, you’re not 100% on which road suits you best.

How can you create time and space in your schedule in order to gain clarity?

Taurus:  How’s life these days, Taurus? Sometimes you seem to be battling yourself, so there’s a need to examine control issues. The Universe isn’t personally attacking you, so try to shift your attitude, regardless of what’s happening.

What do you need to make time for in order to feel like yourself again?

Gemini: We are now fully out of the Mercury retroshade, and you’re feeling more laid back, Gemini. You have had some recent wake-up calls, and you’re processing and integrating this new knowledge.

What really needs to change, and how can these tweaks best serve you?

Cancer: We have finally made it out the other side of your season, and you should already be feeling some much-needed relief. You’ve learned and processed a lot, and now it’s time to re-build better and stronger.

How can you best utilize the quick movement of Leo Season to launch you forward?

Leo: The Sun moved into your sign last week, and your Leo powers of magnetism have come back online. You are feeling lit up, glowing and radiating like the warm Summer Sun.

What are you manifesting during your abundant birthday month?

Virgo: The Mercury Retrograde shadow period has now passed, and it’s smooth sailing from here, Virgo. After Leo, we move into your Season, which will provide a lot of grounding and centering for you.

What is the Fire of Leo Season bringing to your awareness?

Libra: Day to day, life may be feeling quite different for you, Libra. Take the good with the bad, and listen to your body when you’re feeling scattered.

Where have you been giving too much of your time or energy away, and how can you reset the balance?

Scorpio: What was once weighing heavy has now started to dissipate. The fog has lifted, and you are feeling confident about navigating the path ahead.

What are your priorities, Scorpio, and how can you best take action toward your passions?

Sagittarius: After a period of intense shadow work and inner child healing, you are feeling lighthearted and hopeful once more. You are feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, and you may feel a little extra spring in your step.

Where are you going from here, Sag?

Capricorn: Since the July 4th Full Moon in your sign, you’ve been riding a nice high! Little things that would’ve once driven you crazy are now rolling off your shoulders, and this shift in your energy is bestowing a newfound sense of freedom.

What have you learned, Cap, and what are your next steps?

Aquarius: We are approaching a Full Moon in your sign on Monday, Aqua! Something powerful has shifted for you, and this Full Moon will be a quantum leap forward.

 What can you best do this week to prepare for this prosperous transit?

Pisces:   You are flowing like the fish you are these days. When the going gets tough, you’ve been reminding yourself to just keep swimming, and it shows.

What changes are you most proud of, Pisces?

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