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Weekly Horoscopes | June 1st-8th

This is going to be an interesting week for us all. No matter what comes up for you in your weekly horoscope remember that love always wins. If you turn to love at any moment you can bring peace to you and other.

Aries: Your ruling planet of Mars continues its time in Pisces this week, teaching you give and take in your relationships, instead of being the usual leader of the pack. The watery energy of this transit may be cooling you off, tempering your fire. How is this balance impacting your love and sex life for the better, and where is it challenging you?

Taurus: Don’t mess with this bull or you’ll get the horns. Watch out for this attitude this week, Taurus, as your ruling planet of Venus continues her retrograde period. Where are you being uncompromising right now, and how is this stubbornness getting in the way of your friendships and relationships?

Gemini: Your ruling planet of Mercury has just moved into Cancer, your neighbor on the zodiac wheel. You are not always one for showing your emotional side, but this transit is allowing for more meaningful communication. What is tugging at your heartstrings this week, and who do you need to talk to about it?

Cancer: Mercury, planet of communication and expression, has moved into your home sign, as it enters its retrograde shadow. You may feel a need to get something off your chest this week to someone you care deeply for. What is the best way to convey what you’re feeling, without letting your emotions get the best of you?

Leo: This week we have a Lunar Eclipse in your fellow Fire Sign friend, Sagittarius. Things may be heating up for you this week, and you may feel especially restless. You may be experiencing a bit of tunnel vision, with The Archer’s energy coming in hot. What are you placing too much focus on, Leo, and how is it hindering your progress?  

Virgo: Mercury, your ruling planet, has moved into sometimes crabby Cancer, as it approaches its impending retrograde period. Your powers of communication may fail you this week if you don’t think before you speak. How can you allow yourself to be more emotional, and less intellectual, in the way you express yourself?

Libra: With your ruling planet in retrograde and Mercury in Cancer, you will find yourself deep in your feels this week. The Full Moon falls on Friday, ruled by your planet, Venus, and will profoundly affect your outlook on love and relationships. What’s coming up for you to be released?

Scorpio: Watch your mouth this week, as emotions may run high. Your planet continues its retrograde, Mercury is in your fellow Water Sign, Cancer, and you’re always heavily affected by the Full Moon. Don’t say something you’ll wish you could take back later. How can you express your emotions, without letting your intensity get the best of you?

Sagittarius: This week there is a powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your home sign. Eclipses herald a time of powerful, irrevocable change, and will affect you most heavily. What themes are coming up for you right now, and how does this circle back to what you were going through in December?

Capricorn: There is not a whole lot of earthy energy in the mix, and that may leave you feeling ungrounded. You pride yourself on your practicality, but you may struggle with it this week, and it could leave you feeling out of your comfort zone. What can this teach you right now, and how can you better embrace the qualities of the other three elements? 

Aquarius: Your ruling planet of Uranus is in Taurus, while Taurus’s ruler, Venus, continues its retrograde. Taurus helps to ground the planet of revolution and change, while Venus in retrograde helps us to explore our outlook on romance and finances. How can you utilize this energy to positively impact your love and money?

Pisces: Mars, God of War, remains in your home sign this week, and Mercury is now in your fellow Water Sign of Cancer. This heavy Water energy, combined with the fire of the Full Moon in Sagittarius, can create some beautiful balance in your world if you so choose. Where are you off kilter – mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally?

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