Weekly Horoscopes | June 22-June 29

Aries: The first day of summer and the powerful Solar Eclipse may have given you a big boost this weekend. The Sun is very Masculine energy, which you feed off of in a big way. Make sure you are embodying positive, healed Masculine energy, and not negative, wounded Masculine energy.

How is all of this solar action affecting you right now?

Taurus: Taurus, you’ve been a little off lately, and you may not know exactly what it is or why it’s happening. There is a need for grounding here, as the emotional energies may be leaving you feeling anxious or depressed. Take time to channel your energy in a positive manner, so that you don’t end up exploding on someone.

What parts of you need some attention, and why are you avoiding it?

Gemini: We have now moved out of your season, Gemini, and onto your neighbor, Cancer. This can be harsh energy for you, and you might try to shy away from all of the emotions you’re feeling. Don’t detach or shove it down, but rather use it as a teachable moment.

Who and what in your life taught you to avoid your emotions, and how can you best get past this?

Cancer: Are you surviving or thriving right now, Cancer? You may feel like you’re holding on by a thread, but this deep purge is actually serving you. Flow with the energies and allow yourself to feel and express. In shedding the dead weight, you will be able to accomplish so much more.

What is coming up for release, and what will you bring to life in its wake?

Leo: We are one step closer to your birthday month, Leo, but this energy may have you feeling weak in the knees. So much is coming up for you, and you’re trying to wrap your brain around it all. Tend to your heart right now, Leo.

What are these tough lessons and life experiences teaching you about your own strength?

Virgo: How is Mercury Retrograde treating you right now, Virgo? Be sure to take this time to slow down and relax. You may be feeling a little disconnected from friends and family right now, and it can leave you feeling lonely. Reach out to those you love to bridge some connections.

How can you use the current energies to facilitate some heartfelt communication?

Libra: Libra, Cancer season came in with a bang, and you may feel major Heart Chakra expansion. Your ruling planet, Venus, goes direct this week on the 25th, and you will begin to see some movement in matters of the heart.

What has this retrograde taught you about your outlook on love and relationships? 

Scorpio: There’s lots of Water in the forecast, Scorpio, and you’ve been feeling it in a major way. These dense energies are pushing you to release any lingering negativity that is keeping you small. Allow this watery energy to cleanse you, and allow you to start fresh.

What area(s) of your life would benefit most from a new beginning?

Sagittarius: It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster ride, Sag, but you are feeling a change in the winds. This retrograde/eclipse season forced you to slow down and really address your issues, and you’re feeling like a new and improved version of yourself.

Healing looks good on you and it shows! What do you need to focus on in order to stay in your balance?

Capricorn: You’ve been releasing some old junk with the help of all this Water, and you are feeling so much lighter, Capricorn. As we move closer to the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your sign on July 4th, Independence Day takes on a whole new meaning.

Where are you liberating yourself, and what does freedom really mean to you?

Aquarius: You’ve been feeling like you’re on the brink of something big for so long now, Aqua, and you’re finally starting to see your sprouts begin to flower. This watery energy is helping you to tend to your garden, and embrace the emotions you once ran from.

How can you continue to ground in this abundance, so that the harvest is that much more bountiful?

Pisces:  Pisces, this Eclipse corridor has been dizzying for you. This weekend’s energy was very emotional, but you will be feeling some relief as the week goes on. Your ruling planet, Neptune, goes retrograde today, and this will really work in your favor. Neptune is the master of disguise, so now that he’s retrograde, you will begin to find clarity in ways you never thought possible.

Where have you been falling for illusions and delusions, and how will you re-write the narrative?

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