Weekly Horoscopes | June June 8th-15th

Many of us are feeling the leftover effects from our Full Moon last Friday. It has been an uneasy week for a lot of us. Your energy may feel drained or depleted at this time. It is time to take care of yourself and put your energy first.

Aries: The fire of Friday’s Full Moon may have sent you reeling, and you may still be feeling restless. As your planet, Mars, continues its time in Pisces, this Full Moon may have been especially emotional. If you’re feeling like an anxious bundle of nerves, trust that this is coming up for a reason.

How can you regain your confidence, without becoming cocky?

Taurus: Your ruling planet, Venus, started a new cycle last week, and it’s pushing you to get really clear on what you want. Love and finances always come to mind, but there are other areas of your life in need of attention. Make a list this week, and get crystal clear on your priorities. 

What have you put on the back burner, and how can you best shift your focus?

Gemini: Tuesday and Wednesday The Moon will be in your fellow Air Sign, Aquarius. While you may have lots of big ideas, this double Air energy mid-week won’t help in terms of your focus. It’s okay to step away if you’re not feeling grounded, Gemini.

What are some ways that you can de-stress this week so that you can tackle your projects feeling refreshed and renewed? 

Cancer: Can you say Full Moon hangover, Cancer? You are ruled by The Moon, and this one was a doozy. You may feel especially crabby this week, as you purge out some old junk that needs to go. Mercury in your home sign is pushing you to be a better communicator, instead of just going inward.

Where have you been holding back, and how can you best express yourself?

Leo: You may be in need of a cat nap. Friday’s fiery Full Moon and Eclipse may have you feeling really wiped out. Give yourself a much-needed break this week, and take some time to rest and recuperate. You’ve been burning the wick at both ends, and your body is telling you to pump the brakes and be still.

What are you running away from, Leo?

Virgo: It’s time to get off the wheel, Virgo. Your planet of Mercury in watery Cancer is pushing you to recognize where you’ve been going along with the crowd. Some facet of your life hasn’t felt right for a while now, and this emotional transit is urging you to address it.

How have you been pushing your feelings aside in your quest for success or connection?

Libra: A new Venus cycle has got you with love on the brain. As much as your hopelessly romantic self prioritizes loving relationships, you are now feeling the need to love on yourself a little more. Focus on some self-care and self-love practices this week to pamper yourself.

How can you bring more love into your life, and what steps can you start taking now to get there? 

Scorpio: The Full Moon Eclipse hit Water Signs hard, and may have dredged up some anger and angst for you. Control issues were highlighted in a major way, and you may still be feeling a little on edge. Just breathe through it and try to calm your nerves, Scorpio.

Where have you been holding on too tightly, and what is the Universe supporting you in letting go of?

Sagittarius: Sag, you may be feeling like you’ve been put through the wringer. Friday’s Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in your sign had a profound effect on you, but now you feel like you’re being pulled every which way. Be gentle on yourself this week, and get a handle on what you’re feeling.

What is coming up most intensely for you, and what can you do to make peace?

Capricorn: Watch your attitude this week, Cap. Every 28 years or so, your ruling planet of Saturn stirs up some serious shit, and the collective unrest may have you feeling it in a major way. If you feel that life has been a little unfair lately, try to focus on what these tough lessons are teaching.

What are you learning from this powerful moment in history? 

Aquarius: Someone may tug at your humanitarian heartstrings this week, Aqua. You always want to lend a helping hand and tend to beat yourself up for not doing enough. Before you rush in to save the day, ask yourself if you have the time, space, and energy to do so.

What have you been ignoring in your own life that would benefit from some extra attention?

Pisces: Pisces, you may be feeling a little out of control this week. The Strawberry Moon highlighted some codependency issues, and things or people you’ve been relying too heavily upon. Your sovereignty is important, and you may be realizing that you’ve been prioritizing others over yourself.

Where have you been giving your power away, and how can you snatch it back?

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