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Yule Party | Live celebration of Yule

Watch our 2018 yule party!

Yeah, you missed it live but you can still enjoy all the Yule-ly goodness that the Mages have to offer!

It is time to party and celebrate Yule!! Join The Mystic Mages, Jem & Merry your magical misfits as they have some wine, share stories, talk about Yule, and celebrate with all of you. Join us live for the most fun as we answer your questions about Yule and how to be happy during this bat crap crazy time of year!

In this video, we celebrate the season and spend some time enjoying Yule together. We talk about our traditions, our pasts and what makes Yule so special to us. Jem & Merry will tell stories, make you laugh, and help you feel the fun of the season! Happy Yule everyone!

<3 Jem & Merry | The Mystic Mages

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